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Men's Penis Enlargement Oil

Contains natural plant extracts, which can be used to promote blood circulation, make the penis thicker, longer, stronger, improve frigidity, prolong sexual intercourse, increase libido, get more orgasms, promote sexual harmony, and enjoy the pleasure of sexual life, Helps to enlarge the penis and prolong the ejaculation time.

Instructions for use:

After bathing, dry the penis and apply 5-10 drops on the hand, Gently rub the oil evenly onto to the erect penis, avoiding the glands and urethra, massaging from the tip to the shaft until oil is disappeared . If too oily gently dry with a cloth or paper towels. Stretch the penis 2-8cm for a duration of 2-10 minutes, until there is a slight increase in temperature. Apply daily for improved performance and to enhance results.

*For external use only

*Highly recommended (one course of treatment) = 5PCS for better results.

*Performance and measurements may vary.