3D BICYCLE SPOKE LED LIGHTS(30 Different Patterns Change + DIY Patterns)

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💞Note:Since we started selling, 2400 pcs have been sold. Now we only have the last 100 left. (Due to the termination of cooperation with suppliers, we will not sell these styles of 3D BICYCLE SPOKE LED LIGHTS in the future.Grab your last chance to order!)

Easy, cool way to help you accessorize their bikes. An added bonus of being easier to see at dawn/dusk or at night when riding around.

Our bike wheel lights for bike wheels are made of 32PCS RGB LEDs,30 Different Patterns Change + DIY Patterns. It flashes many different designs, such as hearts, arrows, and flashing lines and visible on both sides of the wheel.

Our bike spoke lights are so effective for helping add a fun flavor to your ride while protecting you at the same time.

Cool & Energy Saving

Our bike wheel lights are controlled by riding speed, the faster you ride the more images you get! When the riding speed reaches 10 miles/h, the patterns will become complete.


Easy, cool way to help your kids accessorize their bikes. An added bonus of being easier to see at dawn/dusk or at night when riding around. Everyone liked the various colors they could choose from.

Be safe! Be seen!

  • At 32led 30 colorful patterns, the psychedelic light emissions look incredible but also increase visibility.

  • It is super lights, keep you visible from all directions so you and your loved ones are safer in low light conditions.

  • The sensitivity is very high, even if you touch or move the bike, they will turn on.

  • However other bike lights can only be seen from the front and back, leaving you vulnerable from the sides.

  • For safe please equip your bike with our bike lights


1. put 3aaa battery on the bike wheel light

2. loos lamp clip.

3.Clip one side of the light into the light slot.

4. Clip the other side into the lamp clip.

5. Clip the top of the lamp into the spoke.

6. Remove the lamp by pulling the top off and pushing it upward.


 - Material: PC, 32 pcs LED lamp beads

 - Size: 15.3*9.5*2cm

 - 2 Operation Modes: automatic mode and Manual mode

 - Power Supply: 3 x AAA battery (not included)

 - Suitable models: 20-inch and larger than 20 inches bikes

 - Feature: 32 pcs LED lamp, 32 different patterns

 - Work time: over 20 hours

 - Water-resistant: IP65